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In 2001 Jim Arnold turned a 35 year hobby of building scale models, and a love for working with wood, into a business. I have lived in many communities in B.C., and have lived in Prince George for the past 15 years. I work part time building my models out of a small shop in my back yard. I spent 10 years working in the forest industry, working on coastal helicopter logging, and interior conventional logging operations, as well as many years with the B.C. Forest Service.  Presently I work with teenagers in conflict with the law.


wp2fb037ba_0f.jpg I began building wooden scale models of trucks and equipment from the forest and construction industries in 2001, and with much support from friends, my wife, and daughter, I began offering my work for sale. Most of British Columbia’s small communities have their roots in the forest industry, and few British Columbians have not seen a fully loaded logging truck on its way to the sawmill. People that work around trucks and equipment take a particular pride in their work and their machine. Their livelihood is dependent on that machine, and so the truck or piece of equipment has a very special place in the family.  I try to make an accurate, scale representation of the individual's truck, including details unique to their rig.  


All of my models are crafted from local and imported hardwoods and softwoods, and finished with a natural coloured finishing oil. No stains are used.  wpf8710ed3_0f.jpg


I have been commissioned to do work for clients from truck and equipment manufacturers, sales outlets, trucking companies, spouses of independent truck drivers, as retirement, promotional, corporate, anniversary, executive, and Christmas gifts. My work is displayed in homes and offices around the world.




Apple Box Wagon